Moon Feather


After her parents were taken by the coronavirus, Joey Moon Feather was left alone in the world. Developing an interest in primitive technology and wanting to reconnect with her distant Native ancestry, she embarks on a hunting trip to try out her new skills. After being thrown from her horse, she somehow wakes up in 1868.

Everett MacMahon had just gotten settled in as his new post as a U.S. Marshal when the wild Joey Moon Feather comes tearing into town with a gang of outlaws hot on her heels. Initially mistaking her for a boy, he feels immediately compelled to help the orphan out, paying out the bounties on a few of the outlaws. Upon finding out her true gender, Everett is even more determined to protect the little savage, with her strange speech and odd ways, from the outlaws who are now gunning for her, with whatever means necessary. Whether she likes it or not.

If you would like a glossary of western slang used in this story, here is the reference I'm using: Western Slang, Lingo, and Phrases – A Writer’s Guide to the Old West     

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