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Moon Feather: Part 41: A Little Bit of the Other


He took up a steady rhythm of his hand against her vulnerable ass, stopping occasionally to rub the heated skin and dig his fingers into the fleshy globes. He enjoyed the way she clenched when he took just a hair too long to strike again. He smacked her all the harder for it. Those blows had her growling and struggling to free herself, but he had her well and truly pinned. Given he still wore his boots, drawers, and sturdy britches, she couldn’t cause much damage with her little fists, not that she had any leverage for a real effort. Despite her struggles, she clearly wasn’t too awful upset by his less than gentle attentions, if the growing moisture at the seam of her sex was any indication. 

He ran a finger along the dewy slit and pressed deeper to tease the little nub there that made her squirm. She hooked her heels on his thigh and ground herself against his hand, stifling the moans that gave her away. He slid a finger inside her slick entrance, making her groan.

“Ya know,” he said teasingly, stroking the nub and her insides in time with each other, “for a gal who sure does like ta kick up a dreadful fuss when she’s gettin’ a wallopin’, ya seem ta be enjoyin’ this one just fine.”

Joey froze, her fists clenching. “Fuck you, you overgrown horse’s ass!” 

Everett clucked his tongue, removing his hand from her center. “I see we’re done with the one. S’pose it’s time for the other.”

“Wait,” she said, lifting up. He was impressed she had the strength in her belly to do so as far as he had her over. “What does that mean?”

He landed a searing swat in the center of her ass, making her yelp. Pushing her back down, he grabbed her hips and shifted her so that her ass was perched directly over the top of his thigh and her nose only a couple inches from the floor.

“What does that mean?” she asked again, a tinge of panic in her voice. 

He tightened his leg on hers and laid a large hand down to spread her rosy cheeks, exposing the tight puckered entrance of her ass. He wasn’t concerned she’d balk. She had given it to him that first night and a few more times since. Seems she enjoyed being taken there quite a lot, much to his delight. But he also knew full well how to make it rather unpleasant should he wish to use it for disciplinary purposes. 

He pressed two thick fingers against that otherwise forbidden hole with nothing but the remnants of her own desire to ease the way. She let out a pained cry as he forced his way inside. Her body tensed up and clamped down on his fingers, trying to force him out.

“Stop that.” he ordered with a sharp slap to her rump. 

“It hurts!” she whined angrily, struggling to flail off his lap. 

He wrapped his free arm around her waist to curb her wriggling and pushed deeper into her reluctant passage. “Well, that is the intention, Jaybird. And it’s gonna hurt an awful lot worse if’n ya don’t relax.”

She let out a guttural scream of frustration and tried to go limp over his lap. He thought he heard a little growl come up from the floor. “You suck!” she snapped. 

He’d never asked her what that meant, but reckoned he could sense the gist. 

“You shouldn’t be allowed to use this against me,” she said poutily. 

He wiggled his fingers, making her whimper. “Eh, maybe you oughta thought’a that afore ya told me ta fornicate with myself. ‘Specially after ya done slipped up…what was it? One. Two. Three! Four! Times?” he said, punctuating each count with a rough thrust of his fingers that forced a sharp whimper from her. “Oh, wait, no. Gotta add the bitch and your little outburst just now. So that’d be Five! Six! Seven!” Again each number was another forceful thrust into the tight entrance. 

“I don’t like you,” she whined. 

Everett shifted to look at her dripping folds. “I’d say that slick tricklin’ down your thighs says ya like me just fine. Just think, Jaybird, if’n this punishment were the genuine article, it’d be my cock plunderin’ this backside’a yours and not just my fingers.” He felt her shiver and caught sight of the gush of renewed arousal between her legs. He had little doubt he’d get around to that eventually. She wouldn’t enjoy it at the time. He’d make sure of that, but she clearly wasn’t overly opposed to the idea. 

“Where was we?” he said, twisting his fingers meanly. “Oh, yeah, that reckless jump this mornin’.” He drove rapidly in and out of her ass about ten times, but without the force of the previous seven. She let out a keening whine, gripping his leg. He continued idly plunging in and out of her, but much slower and more gently “Look, Jaybird. I ain’t upset with ya. If’n I was, this’d be more’n a little unpleasantness amidst a good romp, but I need ya ta be more careful. Both with your person and your words. Don’t need ya goin’ lame ‘cause ya can’t take it slow-like with that arm. And I can’t have the entire town runnin’ ta tattle on your airin’ your lungs in public.”

She slumped, defeated. “Yeah, yeah, I get it.”

When he removed his fingers, she let out a sigh of relief, panting softly from his assault. Everett reached behind him, took the top off the butter dish and scooped up a bit of butter fat. He pressed his fingers back to her tormented asshole and began smearing the butter over the opening. He slipped one finger inside, pushing the slick substance inside. 

Joey kicked her feet. “What are you doin’ now?”

“Well,” he said, stroking that single finger in and out, coating the inside with the slippery substance, “I were gettin’ this pretty ass ready for my cock, but if’n you’d rather I not use the butter, I s’pose I can forgo it.”

Joey let out an affrighted squeak. “Nope. You go right ahead with that.”

Everett chuckled and gathered up another pat of butter and smeared it up between her cheeks. Satisfied with his work, he scooped her up and dropped her face down on the bed. He adjusted her so her head and shoulders rested on the mattress while her ass was up in the air, her knees tucked up on the edge of the bed, her drawers pooling around her knees, leaving her open for him. 

“Stay put,” he said, going to the basin on the dresser and washing his hands. He tugged his neckerchief loose, set it aside, and began to undress. He liked the inherent power of being all buttoned up while she was completely bare to him. He imagined that was part of why he’d kept her so underdressed all week. But he wanted to be skin to skin when he took her.


If you would like a glossary of western slang used in this story, here is the reference I'm using: Western Slang, Lingo, and Phrases – A Writer’s Guide to the Old West     

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  1. Such a sexy chapter this one! I love that last paragraph about him being all dressed and her naked. There indeed is power in that :)
    ~ Marie xox