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Moon Feather: Part 40: The Unwrapping of Gifts


“What! But you said you weren’t mad at me!” She glared and tried to yank her hand from his grip. 

As strong as she was, he was still stronger. He smirked. “I ain’t.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Is this a real punishment or the sexy funtime kind?”

He shrugged and winked. “Little bit’a one. Little bit’a the other.” Lurching to his feet, he swept an arm under her knees and lifted her off the ground, making her squeal. He turned and leaned her toward the table. “Grab the butter dish, if’n ya please.” 

She frowned up at him in confusion. “Why?”

“You’ll find out eventually.” 

With another suspicious squint he was beginning to find absolutely adorable, she gingerly lifted the butter dish and held it on her belly. She squirmed a bit in half-hearted protest as he carried her up the stairs, but made no real move to dislodge herself. 

Everett kicked the bedroom door shut behind him and set Joey gently on her feet. He took the butter dish from her and set it on the dresser. Circling around her, he tugged loose the tie on her apron and reached around to pull the pins from the bib, folding it up and setting it beside the butter with the pins safely stowed in the fabric. He prowled around to her front, looking her up and down hungrily. Catching up her hand, one at a time, he unbuttoned the cuff of each sleeve and replaced her hands at her sides. His fingers went to the front of her bodice, slowly undoing each button while looking her in the eye. He pushed the fabric from her shoulders, letting it fall away from her torso. She slipped her arms from the sleeves as he unbuttoned her camisole, nodding at her approvingly as she shrugged that off as well. 

He pushed the skirt over her hips, and it slipped to the floor, pooling at her feet. He took her hand and helped her step out of the pile of blue cotton, leaving her in her petticoats. He carefully shook out the dress, folded it and set it with the apron. He circled around her again, his boot heels clicking ominously on the floor boards. He found the strings of her petticoats and pulled those loose. They fell away from her narrow hips and dropped to the floor in a sensuous whisper. Again, he held out his hand to help her out of the nest of muslin.

He looked her up and down, sighing appreciatively. “Pretty as the blue side of the mountain,” he said, smiling. 

Joey gave a delicate snort. “I find it a little hilarious that, despite having me constantly naked or nearly so for the last week, it’s the fifteen layers of the most modest underwear I’ve ever seen in my life that gets you worked up.”

“That’s the thing ‘bout gifts, Jaybird,” he said, turning to pick up the chair beside the dresser to place it in front of it, “the excitin’ part is the unwrappin’ of ‘em.”

He moved her in front of the dresser and stepped behind her to look at them both in the mirror. The difference between their sizes was almost comical. A great lumbering bear and a delicate wild angel, so small he felt she might slip through his fingers at any moment. He had to lean down a bit to place his large hands on her slender waist, somehow even more defined by the constriction of the corset. He held her gaze in the mirror as he ran his fingers up the silky lines of the stiff garment. Gripping the edges of the top, he deftly freed the hooks from the eyes. Her bosom heaved with the breath of freedom as he pulled the corset away from her, folded it, and added it to the pile. 

“So you do know your way around a corset,” she said with a smirk in the mirror, eyebrow arching gracefully.

He chuckled, running his hands down her body over her chemise. “I’ve undone a few in my day.”

He sat down in the chair in front of her, eye level with her in this position. He rucked up her chemise a bit and jerked her forward so she stumbled to straddle one of his thighs. He slipped a hand up under her chemise to find the seam of her drawers and pushed the split in fabric wide so her mons rested directly on his thigh. He grabbed her hips and pulled her up his thigh, scraping her bare sex against the coarse material of his britches, making her gasp. He moved both hands up under the chemise to grip her waist, her skin smooth and warm against his fingers. He could feel every fidget and squirm in the flexing of her muscles against his fingertips.

“If’n I didn’t know better, I’d be afeared’a breakin’ ya, little as ya are,” he said, stroking his thumbs along the undersides of her breasts. 

She let out a smug little laugh. “If my arm wasn’t jacked up, I could throw you, easily.”

Everett snorted. “Doubtful, Jaybird. Very doubtful.”

“Bet, cowboy. When I’m fixed up, we’ll see if I can’t make a believer outta ya.”

“Arms up,” he commanded. When she obeyed, he lifted the chemise off of her and tossed it aside. “Beautiful.” He brushed a thumb over one of her nipples, watching it harden beneath his touch. “Now, let’s see,” he said, stroking his beard thoughtfully. “There’s the foolishness this mornin’ with ya jumpin’ that fence…”

Joey scowled. “Hey! I thought we settled that already.”

He shrugged flippantly. “Changed my mind. So, the fence, then there’s your indiscretion with Mrs. Albritton. Four times, ya said?” Her eyes narrowed. “And I find I just don’t really care for the word bitch, so I’m throwin’ that one in too.”

“Not fair!”

He chuckled darkly, sounding a little bit evil even to himself. “Oh, Jaybird, none’a this were ever gon’ be fair.”

With a squeal from her, he tossed her over his left knee and captured her dangling feet under his right leg. Carefully, he arranged her so her ass was positioned just perfectly for his hand, and unbuttoned the back of her drawers. He peeled the two halves apart to reveal the smooth expanse of her well-formed backside. Draped over his knee as she was, the two globes were soft and relaxed, belying the toned muscle beneath. He ran his hand over the supple flesh, reveling in the contrast of his rough skin against hers. Joey shivered. 

“Ya know,” she said a bit sullenly, “you’re really lucky I was already into this sort of thing when you decided to keep me.”

He gave her ass a firm slap, eliciting a startled squeak from her. “Don’t think I don’t thank the Lord for that blessin’ every day, darlin’. Even if ya are a bit of a handful.”

She gave an offended huff and punched his booted calf. Everett clucked his tongue and cracked his hand down several times, hard enough to sting, but not enough to be really punishing. She wiggled a bit, and he smiled at the color blooming on her skin. Being midsummer, it didn’t get dark til near to ten o’clock, so he could see everything perfectly in the evening light still streaming through the window. The impression of his hand appeared in a lovely pink on her right buttock. He added a matching print to her left.

He felt her feet kick a bit under his thigh. He scooted his boot back toward the chair to give her legs less space to move. Rubbing at the remnants of his hand on her flesh, he eased what little sting was there. The little moan she gave had him grinning. 

She was right. He was indeed a most fortunate man. He had never courted a girl, and he didn’t much meddle with unmarried ladies outside of his capacity as a marshal. He had sisters, but Lord knew he’d never inquired about their education on the matters of the marriage bed. But he had spent perhaps a less than seemly amount of time in the odd bordello since becoming a man, and the doves who had entertained his company were quite instructive about what proper ladies were and were not taught. Namely, proper ladies endured the marriage act for the sake of producing children. Enjoying it was the way of the wicked and the wanton. Joey was certainly wicked and absolutely wanton, but then, she was quite clear she was no lady. And Everett was quite certain he didn’t want one. Not in the bedroom, at any rate. They’d have to come to an agreement about public though, elsewise his belt would wear out faster than he’d like being frequently applied to her backside.

Their first week as man and wife had been tumultuous to say the least, with untold arguments mostly born out of not being able to understand each other. It was that very thing that convinced him the most that her stories about being from another time were true. How could two people be speaking the same language and be so utterly incapable of comprehension? They understood each other well enough in the Biblical way, though. Joey didn’t so much as balk at his proclivities. Sometimes he thought she might be more well-acquainted with the practices than he, and he really didn’t want to think about how. 


If you would like a glossary of western slang used in this story, here is the reference I'm using: Western Slang, Lingo, and Phrases – A Writer’s Guide to the Old West     

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  1. I love that it's only been a week of marriage, and they have already experienced so much. Everett indeed is a lucky man, but Joey is lucky too, for having found someone who satisfy her kinky side :)
    ~ Marie xox

  2. Beautiful. I love this feisty lady.

  3. A few centuries temporal difference between his culture and hers makes for a bit of a minefield for misunderstandings but they communicate well considering. He likes to spank, she likes getting spanked. I think they'll make it work.